Blossom Room

Blossom Room is where our under 3's are based.
Lynne Nottage is the Manager for this area and Sam Kirk is the Deputy Manager.

General Information


We always encourage your child to arrive on time for their morning session, ideally no later than 9.30am.  It can make it harder for them to settle and feel part of the group if they arrive late when activities are already well underway.  It can also cause interruptions for staff having to stop to answer the door. Late arrival also means a potential loss of learning opportunities for your child, as they may miss out on some of the activities and experiences.  Prompt arrival also allows the key person to give you and your child a warm welcome and for you both to have an opportunity to share information.

We understand it can sometimes be difficult to leave your child when you arrive, especially if your child is upset.  However staff are very experienced in settling children and find that children usually settle very quickly once parents have left.  If you are worried about leaving your child, please speak to your child’s key person. We can always phone you later to reassure you that your child has settled.  There is often a ‘honeymoon period’ when children first start, where they can initially be very happy and settled, then a few days later start to become upset when parents leave.  This is usually only a temporary reaction and children often overcome their anxiety quite quickly, supported by their key person. Equally, a child that has previously been very settled can sometimes become upset again after being off on holiday or if they’ve been ill.  Please do not be alarmed – this is very common, and again your child’s key person will help them to settle again. This may take a few sessions.

We also need to know if your child will not be attending, so if you know your child will not be coming in, ie. if they are ill or if you are going away on holiday, please can you inform us as soon as possible.  If your child doesn’t arrive for their session and we haven’t been informed of a reason why, we will phone to check that everything is OK.


Please allow enough time when collecting your child at the end of their session for their key person to share with you any information about their day, to pass on messages and to chat about what they’re learning and how they’re developing.  If you are late collecting your child, we may not have time to share all this information with you. We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes before the end of your child’s session to allow for a detailed handover about their day.

Late collections may also affect our carefully planned adult to child ratios, as well as being unsettling for the children, so to try and prevent this happening, we apply a late collection charge which will be added to your invoice.

In the event of an emergency when you think you may not arrive on time, please phone to let us know as soon as possible so we can arrange for extra staff to stay on if needed.


We have a rolling cycle for cooked lunches during term-time, as well as a morning snack time (fresh fruit, milk and water) and a tea-time menu for the under 3’s and after school club.  The tea we provide is only a snack and not intended as a full meal. Therefore we usually provide sandwiches, crackers etc, as well as fresh fruit, milk and water. We often have requests for individual preferences, likes and dislikes, which can be quite confusing for staff and children alike.  As well as providing food, mealtimes are also a lovely social time for the children; if they are restricted by what they are permitted to eat, the child can feel ‘left out’ when they see the other children eating different food from themselves, therefore we offer the same food choices to all children.  We would therefore like to remind you that whilst we respect individual dietary requirements such as being vegetarian, vegan or other dietary needs based on religious requirements, unless there is a medical reason for your child not being permitted to eat specific foods, in which case they will require a doctor’s letter, they will otherwise all be offered the same foods as the other children.


We strongly encourage you to dress your child in appropriate clothing, as children often get wet or messy during their play.  Please save ‘best’ clothes for special occasions! We encourage children to explore in all ways, which can often involve running through puddles, digging in the mud, painting etc, which is an important part of learning through play.  We ask you to provide spare clothes in one of our purple bags which we provide when your child starts here so that we can change them when necessary.


We have had some requests that when children have a cold, we do not allow them to go outside to play.  We strongly believe that playing outside in the fresh air is beneficial for their health and wellbeing, which is why we provide waterproof clothing and wellington boots.  If you really do feel your child is too ill to go outside, we would advise that you keep your child at home until they are well.


When you feel your child is ready to start toilet training, please speak to your child’s key person so we can work together and support your child during this process.  Sometimes your key person may mention to you that they feel the child may be ready to start. One thing which is key to this process is working together to ensure there is no confusion for the child, for instance toilet training whilst they are here, then wearing a nappy at home.  Toilet training can be quite a challenge for some children, so good communication and being consistent is key. We also suggest dressing your child in loose clothing which is easy for them to manage, as this encourages independence when toilet training by enabling them to dress and undress themselves.


Please can we remind parents to regularly check your child’s  named wicker drawer in the entrance area when dropping off or collecting your child, as they contain important newsletters and updates.  Please do try and read the newsletters as they contain a lot of important information. We would also encourage you to check the Grandpont website, as well as our Facebook page, which has lots of photo’s, reminders, dates and other information.  We also put reminders and illness notifications on the entrance doors, so do please take a minute to read these.


Before you realise your child’s time in Blossom Room will come to en end. At Grandpont we work hard to ensure all of our children have a successful transition on to their next setting, whether this is in the nursery school or to another nursery.

If your child is going to move to the Nursery School at Grandpont as an over 3, although we continue to have the same values and ethos but are different in that the nursery school is no longer viewed as a childcare setting. The nursery school offers high quality early education to work towards your child experiencing fantastic early learning opportunities before they head to school. The expectation for attendance for the nursery school is that your child attends each day, 5 days a week for a minimum of 15 hours. If you are entitled to 30 hours of childcare then we still monitor attendance for the morning sessions but have a more flexible view to attending the afternoon sessions. If you want to learn more about the nursery school then please do ask.