End of term arrangements

5th July 2018

End of term arrangements

The end of term is quickly creeping up on us so I thought I would write to families to clarify the arrangements for the end of term. They do seem a little confusing so please talk to your child’s key person if you are unsure.

Our final day of term for the Over 3’s in the Nursery School is Wednesday 25th July and we finish at 1.15pm, as stated on our website.

However, we know that this is not as straight forward as that for some families. Please read the following to see if it applies to you;

  • We know that St Ebbes has an inset day on the 25th. If you are making Tuesday 24th July your child’s last day at Grandpont, so they are off with their siblings then please let us know.
  • If your child has a 30hr code and requires childcare on Wednesday 25th after 1.15pm or they require after school club, please let us know.
  • There will be no session on Wednesday 25th July for our afternoon children. Their last day will be Tuesday 24th July.

Final goodbyes;

If your child is starting school in September and is leaving Grandpont, you are invited to come into Nursery on the following times for final ‘Good Bye’ Celebrations;

  • Tuesday 24th July at 2.30pm- for Afternoon children and any other children who will be leaving on this day.
  • Wednesday 25th July at 12.45pm for morning and all day children who will be leaving on this day.

Please return the slip to us by Friday 13th July so we can plan and ensure a smooth end to the term.

Kind Regards

Lisa Fern