The role of the School Governor

Governors provide their time to help the school on a voluntary basis and come from a range of different backgrounds. There are a variety of different roles within the governing board Which involves working with the head teacher and senior leaders to make sure that the pupils at the school receive the best possible education.

Governors are a mixture of elected and appointed individuals. the constitution of the Governing Board is: parent governors, local authority governor, co-opted Governors, the Headteacher, staff representatives.

The governor’s aim is to work towards a vision that the children at the school will get the best possible education, that they will be happy and safe and enjoy their time at school. They will support the head teacher and the dedicated team of staff, but will also challenge rigorously where necessary to ensure that we deliver our objectives

The governing board has a strategic role and sets policy, whereas the head teacher has an operational role and is responsible for delivery of the policies that are agreed. Governor’s decisions are made following informed discussion, whereas the head teacher uses professional judgement.

Proposed dates of Full Governing Body meetings for 2020-21.
29th September

24th November 2019

26th January 2020

9th March 2020

4th May 2020

6th June 2020
These meetings are held in the nursery between 19.00 and 21.00 and this year are held remotely on Google Meet due to Covid-19.
 Sarah Dorling -Chair of Governors

I live in New Hinksey and have two young children; both who attended Grandpont Nursery school.  I have been teaching for over 20 years, and am a Deputy Headteacher at an Oxford City Primary School.  As parent and Chair of governors, I want to support Grandpont Nursery school by sharing some of my experience and expertise to enhance the achievement of all who attend.  I am the lead governor for Leadership and management.

Parent Governor

These are the members of the governing body for the whole centre. They can be contacted via the office.

Caroline Harris

I have lived in New Hinksey for 15 years and have a daughter at Grandpont Nursery School. I come from a family of teachers and now work in educational publishing for Oxford University Press, where I publish resources for schools and children aged 4-11 with a particular focus on spoken language and reading. I am passionate about early years education and am looking forward to supporting the work of Grandpont in any way I can.

Parent Governor and vice Chair

 Phil Doubtfire

Phil has served three year terms as a Governor. He really likes spreadsheets and spends lots of time poring over the Nursery's finances.

Local Authority Governor, Finance, HR, Health & Safety and GDPR

Teresa Murphy

Staff (Support) Governor

Lisa Fern

Staff (Headteacher)

Yan Wong

I’m a local dad often seen out and about in Marlborough Road. Grandpont is very much in my heart, as my two daughters, one now in secondary and one still in primary school, benefitted when younger from the fantastic provision in the Family Room, Daycare, and the Nursery School. I have been a governor at Grandpont since 2013, with a focus on Grandpont’s role in the community, and the Family Room in particular. I’m currently chair of the Grandpont Nursery School Association (GNSA), our associated charity. Work-wise, I am a scientist, and have had multiple jobs including university lecturer, popular science writer, and presenter of science on TV and radio. My specialism is biology, focusing on natural history and genetics, and I currently work in this area in one of the Oxford University research institutes.

Community Governor 

Marie Tidball

I have studied and worked in Oxford since 2002 and have lived in Hinksey Park Ward for four years. I am a City Councillor for our area and I am also Oxford City’s Mental Health Champion. I have been a governor at Grandpont Nursery School  since Autumn 2015 and I am Member of the South Oxford Community Association. Last year, I finished my doctorate on the treatment of people with autism in the justice system and I am currently working on a project about disability and the law at the University of Oxford. My mum was the head of a Nursery School in South Yorkshire, when I was growing up - this is why I am passionate about early years education.  Outside of work I enjoy swimming, growing things on my allotment and painting - especially face painting!

Community Governor and Vice Chair

Neal Tucker 

I moved to Oxford over 10 years ago and live in the Grandpont area.  I am a local general practitioner working in the city centre and provide medical education to GPs and nurses around the country.  I have two young children, one in St Ebbes School and one in Grandpont.  Outside of work I am a keen cyclist, unashamed science fiction fan and beginner guitarist, although my aspiration to be in a famous rock band is thankfully over.

Parent Governor and Daycare Management Group Link, Chair of Finance and HR Subcommittee

Amy Waterston

Parent Governor