Learning Stories

 The Learning Journey                       

At Grandpont we assess learning by writing 'Learning Stories' about your child.  In order to support every child we must first discover who that child is and, for us, their learning story begins on the home visit.  You though, have known your child from their very beginning!  Your comments, insights and understanding are all really helpful as together we develop your child’s view of learning and of themselves as a learner.  Through sharing what we see your child do and say, we will be able to interpret and use these observations to deepen your child’s learning and development.

The Language of learning - we have an agreed language of learning, this includes key vocabulary and concepts that we will introduce to your child to make learning visible.  We want to help children gain an understanding of the characteristics of learning as well as developing their skills and knowledge of the world. You can find this at the bottom of this page.

The Learning Story - We have adopted a narrative assessment style where the children and adults tell and retell stories of learning and competence, reflecting on the past and planning for the future.  Our assessment is used to help children build up a learning story about the development of their skills, knowledge and the characteristics of learning.

Each Learning Story is made up of 5 parts:

  • Part 1 - The observation of the childwhat we have noticed about your child - we discover the uniqueness of each child through observing and noticing closely what they say and do.
  • Part 2  - The learning analysis  - recognising and making learning visible  - Once we have noticed, we want to understand, so we will interpret what we have seen, based on our knowledge and our skills.  We will use what we know about your child and what you, the parents, have shared with us.
  • Part 3 - The opportunities and possibilities - We will plan how to respond and support your child in their learning, based on what we know about them.  We might plan for their interests, ways of learning, development of their skills and knowledge or their confidence.
  • Part 4 - The invitationwe invite you and your child to comment or make other observations.
  • Part 5 - Sometimes there is a ‘What happened next . . . ‘as a result of the plan - or ‘what happens next’ may be the beginning of another learning story.

Within the Learning Journey we will also welcome any contribution that you can add to enrich the story. 

Perhaps you can:

  • Take photographs
  • Write a story yourself
  • Tell us what you think, or comment
  • Share with us the experiences that you give your child

Every time we write a new story we will send your child home with their Learning Story.  This is precious and will be given to you to share with your child.  Please share it together and return it as soon as you can.  We will give the whole learning journey to you to keep when your child leaves the Nursery but you are welcome to see it whenever you would like.

Enjoy the stories!