Role Play in the Nursery- By Cat

1st January 2019

What is Role Play?

We have been working with the Early Language Project, which is part of an Oxfordshire County Council initiative, to enhance our Role Play opportunities at Grandpont. Here are some of the ways we are doing this!

 We already have lots of Role Play opportunities at Grandpont, these include:

Home Corner  Role Play;

We have a permanent Home Corner
area in Oak Room. In here children play out familiar situations from their homes. They also enjoy taking the babies’ pushchairs for a walk around all
nursery areas which extends this play.


Themed Role Play;Image result for Fire engine cartoon

In the alcove in Willow room, we have a Role Play area that changes regularly. It can be themed by book week; for example, during our ‘Whatever Next’ book week we provided props and resources for children to reenact the story with. Alternatively, this area can be themed by the children’s current interests; for example, we recently had a shoe shop as many children from one group had been discussing their new shoes at group time. This included: shoes, shoe boxes, a till and measuring equipment etc.Image result for den building  cartoon

Deconstructed Role Play;

Takes place both inside and outside; where there is a suitably large space. Children use items such as crates, blocks or other big materials/resources to create their own scenarios with no limitations on their imaginations. For example building dens, cars, buildings, anything! Recently children created a plane using big blocks in the outside area by mulberry room, they made tickets and invited other children to come on their holiday.Image result for dolls house cartoon

Small world  Role Play;

Children use the dolls house or miniature animals to create stories or play out familiar scenarios on a smaller scale.

How does Role Play benefit the children at nursery?

Role play stimulates children’s imagination, creativity, promotes working with others, sharing their ideas, understanding of their own lifestyle and cultural background; how we are similar and different to others, how to share and cooperate, how to use words, language and dialogue etc. The list is endless!

What we’re doing

We are adding to and refreshing our resources to stimulate the already valuable Role Play that is happening indoors and outdoors. Adults are continuing to support children, even acting a part.

We are focusing on the deconstructed Role Play resources outside and have taken some inspiration from ‘Splat-pod’, which some primary schools have started using to increase the quality of play at playtime. Here is the website if you would like to see more.  

Finally, we are creating a Role Play book for the reception area with examples of current children engaging and benefiting from Role Play for you and your children to look at when convenient. We will be asking for personal consent before using any images of children and the book will be for use in the nursery ONLY.