Safeguarding children

       At Grandpont Nursery School and Childcare, the health, safety and well-being of every

       child is our paramount concern. We listen to our pupils and take seriously what they tell             



Our aim is that children will enjoy their time as pupils in this Centre.

We want to work in partnership with you to help your child to achieve their full potential

and make a positive  contribution.


        To promote a safe environment for pupils, our selection and recruitment policy includes all

        checks on staff and regular volunteers’ suitability, including DBS checks, as

        recommended  by Oxfordshire County Council in accordance with current legislation.

        In accordance with our responsibilities under section 175 of the Education Act 2002, we 

        have a Designated Safeguarding Lead for Child Protection (Interim Headteacher) who is a

        member of the senior management team, and has received appropriate training for this           



It is their responsibility to ensure that all staff in contact with children receives child           

protection awareness training on a regular basis.


       On rare occasions our concern about a child may mean that we have to consult other               

       agencies. Unless it is not safe for a child, we would always aim to achieve this with a               

       parent’s consent.


The procedures, which we follow, have been laid down by the Local               


Safeguarding Children Board and the school has adopted a Child Protection Policy in line   


with this for the safety of all. If you want to know more about our procedures or the         


policy, please speak to the Headteacher. 


      Here is a link to childline-

      Our Designated people responsible for Safeguarding in school are our Interim
      Headteacher, Grace Slater, with deputies Lucy Driver, Claire Thomas and Sarah Mason.

To report an Immediate Concern about a Child

The Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) is the front door to Children’s Social Care for all child protection and immediate safeguarding concerns. If there is an immediate safeguarding concern, for example:

  • Allegations/concerns that the child has been sexually/physically abused
  • Concerns that the child is suffering from severe neglect or other severe health risks
  • Concern that a child is living in or will be returned to a situation that may place him/her at immediate risk
  • The child is frightened to return home
  • The child has been abandoned or parent is absent

 You should call the MASH immediately Tel: 0345 050 7666 (This number will take you through to Customer Services who will ask a series of questions and triage into MASH where safeguarding concerns are raised)