Home Learning

This page has been created in response to possible School and Nursery closures due to the CoronaVirus outbreak and continues to be relevant now in 2021.
At Grandpont we have been thinking of lots of great ideas for activities and opportunities you can do with your children at home in order to support them in continuing to learn and develop.
It really doesnt matter what you do with their children to support their learning but we strongly suggest that theey will get the most out of the opportunities if they are really interested and that you are able to talk to them about what they are doing, modelling new language and vocabulary and most important that you have fun.
Please dip into these ideas as you choose. If you have tried something that has worked really well and want to share it with us, then please share it on your child's google classroom. If you cannot access your child's google classroom then please email me and let me know head@grandpontnurseryschool.co.uk
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