Relaxing Time




At Grandpont each of our key groups has a weekly ‘Relaxing Time’ session and we thought you might like to try this at home! It's a great way for both adults and children to feel calm and nurtured. 


You will need... Some space, and a way to play the clips listed below. 


 Each person taking part will need a small scarf (or piece of material) and a small pillow.

We recommend that you pre-load the clips you'd like to use before starting! These will all be listed below as links you can click. Choose ONE clip from each 'step' and add more when you feel more confident. 

It's taken our staff a long time to learn the full set of steps so don't worry about it being perfect first time! Just enjoy what you can do. 

Step 1:

'Happy' by Pharrell Williams

Shotgun by George Ezra

Step 2:

Scarf song links:

Little Bow Peep

Popcorn Kernels

The Fish in the sea

Step 3:

Yoga routine for children

 Step 5:

Five fingers breathing

 Step 7:

Relaxing music to lie and listen to